Other Projects

2013- Present

Other projects which are smaller in scope but stil cool!

Door Lock Monitor

A class project to conceptualize and plan a consumer product (185EW). The product we invented was a sensor to monitor if you locked your door. I was responsible for the CAD mockup and rendering, as well as the electronics specifications. Exploded View Exploded View Exploded View

A fancy Spongeholder

A utilitarian piece with an aesthetic twist. I wanted to play with different design ideas while also pushing my CADing abilities, and as such each face has a different pattern. This piece was designed to fit in my sink. It was also designed to torture my 3D printer, a Prusa MK3S. I wanted to test the limits of it, and printed the majority of the part without supports. Exploded View Below you can see one failed attempt, the usual reason for this was curling on overhangs causing the printer head to crash.

Exploded View The final, successful print: Exploded View