Automated Burger Flipper

An automated burger flipper kitchen appliance designed during Carnegie Mellon's Electromechanical Systems Design course.

Senior Design Project

Automatic Spice Dispenser

An automated spice dispenser created as a product concept for our Senior Design capstone project.

Bruin Formula Racing

My roles on the UCLA Formula SAE team.

Carnegie Mellon DIY Design (24-672)

Projects for my course on DIY Design and Fabrication at Carnegie Mellon University in Fall 2021.

Soft Robotic Handshake

Final Project for Carnegie Mellon's 16-880 Engineering Haptics, a soft handshaking robot.

Parking Assistance Device

My realization of a client's product idea for a parking assistance device.

Integrated Circuit Design Pieces

Two handmade gifts I made, inspired by integrated circuitry. Utilizing a lasercutter and spray paint.

Current Projects

What I'm currently working on! At the moment this is a kinetic clock utilzing bicycle parts and stepper motors.

Other Projects

Other projects I've worked on.


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