DIY Design and Fabrication

Carnegie Mellon University, Fall 2021

DIY Design and Fabrication (24-672) is a class focused on product design on a personal level, focused on customized and personalized goods. We learned techniques including product conceptualization and ideation, as well as protoype fabrication techniques. Check out my final project here: Final Project.

Final Project

For my final project, I created a backlit, custom Yosemite water fountain: Final Project.

Full Render

Project 1

My first project was to design an drink accessory inspired by my daily routine, entirely out of acrylic. I chose to build a bike bottle cage, as I generally bike to class and my commuter bike does not have mounts for a standard water bottle cage: Project 1.

Full Render

Project 3

My second project was to design an ergonomic grip to improve a handheld tool or piece of equipment. We then were tasked with realizing this concept using clay modeling. I chose to design a grip for a shovel, as my hands often slip from the shovel when gardening: Project 3.

Full Render

Project 4

For the 3rd Project, we cast our Project 3 out of urethane: Project 4.

Full Render